For Your Store

All Stock and Custom Cream City Ribbon is crafted with US-grown cotton in Milwaukee, WI. All designs on our site are in stock to ship quickly. The custom design process is simple, and you are able to choose nearly any width, amount and spooling. Our minimum for custom ribbon is only 2,000 yards!


Custom Ribbon as quickly as three weeks

CHOOSE A STANDARD WIDTH OF 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" or 7/8" (in-between sizes available).

CHOOSE A STANDARD YARN COLOR of 1/2" ribbon with or without borders (see below).

SELECT A PRINT (INK) Color. Printing is done in one Standard Color using locally-sourced soy-based ink. Gold, Silver, Copper and color matching available.

SEND YOUR LOGO AND DESIGN IDEAS to, and we will return a mock-up for your review.

If you have interest in using our ribbon for your in-store packaging, gift wrapping, corporate gifting or fund raising, etc., let us please connect. Also, if you are curious to explore reselling our products in your store or using our ribbon in an industrial packaging process, please reach out, as well.

To place an order or if you have questions, please call 414.277.1221 or Complete this Form.
NEW PREMADE BOW OFFERING! Crafted with our same 100% cotton unwoven ribbon giving these unique bows vibrancy and our signature paper-like feel. Contact us for samples and pricing.

All Warp - No Weft

Cream City Ribbon's unique unwoven fabric is made with horizontal strands (warp) and without a cross-stitch (weft). Strands are held together with a water-soluble adhesive, giving Cream City Ribbon its strength, vibrant colors and signature paper-like feel.