Wholesale Pricing

Stock Pricing
Every design on the website is available in larger spools and for quite a discount.
Order as few as one spool and all are in stock to ship quickly!
12 + Total Spools - Additional 3% Discount

Customize Your Ribbon
All Warp - No Weft!  Cream City Ribbon's unique unwoven fabric is made with horizontal strands (warp) and without a cross-stitch (weft). We print in one color, and you can mix strands together to create borders or inner/outer borders of different colors of yarn.

The custom design process is simple, and you are able to choose nearly any width, amount and spooling. Our minimum for custom ribbon is only 2,000 yards!

  1. Choose a Standard Width of 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" (in-between sizes available).
  2. Select Standard Yarn Colors(s) to create a solid, stiped, bordered or variegated ribbon.
  3. Select a Print (Ink) Color. Printing is done in one Standard Color using locally sourced soy-based ink. Custom color match and matte gold, silver and copper print are available.
Standard Yarn and Ink Colors

Custom Ribbon Pricing
Includes all design, plate
and set-up fees.
Further discount for orders
over 6,000 yards.
10% Less for Unprinted Ribbon, Stripes and Variegated.

Spools of Ribbon for Resale
100 + Total Spools - Less 5%

To place an order or if you have questions, please contact us at Orders@CreamCityRibbon.com or 414.277.1221